Dillion Harper

Super-cute brunette starlet Dillon Harper is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to start their own sexual endurance regimen. While her XXX charm is obvious in films like 2 Cute 4 Porn and Brand New Girls, the even more important attribute Miss Harper brings to each session is the enthusiasm she developed during the years she served as a cheerleader and captain of the pep-rally team at her university. There are other trainers who have more experience with sex, and some that take a more scientific approach to endurance training, but nobody else will ever be able to outpace or outclass Dillon Harper when it comes to putting her passion for performance into every moment of each hardcore exercise.

Standing a perky 5’ 5” tall and weighing in at just under 115 pounds, Dillon Harper has exceptional strong hands and a flawlessly handjob technique, so when she provides JOI for students, she definitely knows exactly what she is talking about. As a Libra from Florida, she also is the kind of trainer who only accepts yes for an answer. That can do attitude, combined with a dazzling smile and a confident attitude have allowed many vStroker sexual endurance training program members to exceed their previous personal best results while reaching entire new heights solo and with their partner thanks to Dillon Harper.

One area of concern comes from some of the email we have received from couples. It seems that a few of the women who were helping their partner train while watching vStroker videos felt like they were in an unfair competition, unable to live up to the example Dillon set on screen. Therefore, we recommend Dillon Harper training sessions for times when you will be training solo, or for couples that include a confident female participant who is sure enough of herself to accept positive reinforcement and the kind of technique critique that improves performance even if it also calls your own sexual preconceptions into question along the way.

Make the most of your sexual stamina by starting with vStroker’s pep-rally pornstar and set a strong pace before moving on to some of the more advanced instructions that can help you to refine your technique after your enthusiasm level is maxed out completely by the adorable Ms. Dillon Harper.

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