Lisa Ann

As both an actress and director, Lisa Ann jumped at the opportunity to share her sex expertise with her fans in such an intimate and enriching way. Obviously performing in more than 520 features has given Lisa Ann an incredible sexual repertoire to call upon as she instructs you on how to build up your endurance in bed, but her directorial skills let her know how to read sexual situations and give guidance when necessary to make a scene great. As both of these skill sets combine, Lisa will turn you into a super stud in bed and you will have your lovers begging for it on the regular.

Lisa Ann is a beautiful brunette with fuck me eyes and full lips that will have you dreaming of the blowjobs she will give to you when you download her training videos. Lisa happens to be a Taurus which is fantastic news because they are known to have endless perseverance in bed! One of the biggest skill sets Lisa brings to vStroker is teaching you how to pace yourself while you bang. Hard and fast are a great way to bring your partners to orgasm but if kept up too long it becomes a sure fire endurance drainer. So listen to Lisa as she looks back at you and tells you to give it to her harder and follow her body movements as she slows you down, only to bring you back up again heightening your pleasure and your ability to give it too her longer.

Researchers at VStroker scoured the adult entertainment industry for the best performers with very specific skill sets that make them some of the top coaches in the sexual endurance market. Lisa Ann’s combined role as performer and director give her all the tools that she needs to build you into the stud you want to be. Train often, train hard and your lovers will be lining up at your door begging for a taste your gold star cock.

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