Samantha Rone

Have you always wanted to bone the girl-next-door? Well now you can when you bust out your VStroker and start up a session with the beautiful and talented Samantha Rone. Samantha is a blonde haired green-eyed beauty from Las Vegas, Nevada. At 21 years old, Samantha is a good time girl that likes to party and the question is whether or not you can last as long as she can! Samantha and her deliciously tight pussy is here to help you build up your sexual stamina as she becomes one of your virtual girlfriends. Using your interactive VStroker, you can work with this blonde hottie to train your cock to have unending endurance when put to the test by your real life sexual partners.

Samantha has been in the porn game since 2013 but her career shot off like a rocket in 2015 when she was nominated for the coveted Best New Starlet award by AVN. In 2016 she racked up 10 awards from Spank Bank including Prettiest Girl In Porn, Best Ass Licking Artist, Best “Come Fuck Me” Eyes and Best Swallower. So you are in the hands (and pussy) of an expert, when you enlist Samantha and her VStroker videos to work you out and increase your sexual staying power.

Samantha Rone is hot and she’s got a smokin’ hot body, which is why she makes such a good VStroker Virtual Girlfriend. It’s hard to last with someone that is so perfect and wants your cock so bad. But Samantha will be the first person to tell you it takes hard work to look good and last forever in bed! Samantha’s secret to both is that she is always active, whether it’s running 6 miles a day, training at the gym or fucking the night away. Samantha believes that hard work and sweat always offers the greatest rewards and she can’t wait for you to put in the time with her pussy so that you will have your real life lovers banging down your door when they discover that you can fuck them for hours and give them the multiple orgasms that they desire.

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