Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate is an English glamour model, pornstar, writer and internationally renowned cosplayer with nine different MILF of the year awards to her credit. She now splits her time between London and Los Angeles, and enjoys working with an international clientele of men seeking to improve their sexual stamina. Fans of an English accent, dirty blondes with big tits and older women all name Tanya Tate in their top 5 when choosing a personal trainer for sex.

Serious participants who are interested in competitive sex, including attempts to break the record of their current lover by lasting longer than any partner she has ever had before often turn to Tanya Tate for sexual stamina advice. Ms. Tate doesn’t take a lighthearted approach to sexual prowess, instead her professional focus and drill sergeant intensity have caused her to be respected for the results she earns during jerk off instructional videos and sex shows as much as she is desired by men who are interested more for the joy of the lesson than the improvement in their xxx stamina.

A well-known bisexual who is often cast in FFM threeway sex scenes with another woman, Tanya Tate is also adept at comforting female viewers who are interested in working out with their lover while she assists them. An inclusive, caring and generous personality make it less likely that your love will become jealous of Ms. Tate and more likely that your lovers will want to help you learn faster with a combination of haptic devices, virtual trainers and live participants during your upcoming sex training sessions.

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